Luis Perez, J.D

Luis Perez, J.D


Luis Perez our worker’s comp hearing representative, was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Luis finished his legal education at the Universidad de Guadalajara, which is considered one of the top and most important universities in Mexico which ranked in the top 300 universities world wide. After finishing his education, Luis moved to the United States to seek a better and prosperous life. 

As a new immigrant, he learned the truth about living in California. Luis started working in the Hotel, Food and Beverage industry where he successfully escalated to management, working for some of the top Hotels and entertainment venues such as Disneyland, Hilton, Marriott and the Hyatt. 

After an injury that affected his eyesight, Luis decided to retake my legal education and become a representative of the injured workers. Holding over 18 years of Worker’s Compensation experience with over 1000 hours of depositions, trails and court hearings. Luis is also a member of the California  Attorney’s Association. 

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