“Mr Mashney and his entire staff are the most professional and responsive team I have ever encountered in his fields of expertise!
I retained his services in December 2010, and he was there for me every step of the way, until my case was completed, and now beyond!
I needed his help again today 8-11-2017 regarding my old case, and without any hesitation he has once again come through for me!! I will always recommend Mr Mashney and his firm. If you are looking for expert legal assistance from a firm/people that actually cares about it’s clients! Thanks again to Mr Mashney, Sherrie, Muna and the rest of the team, I can’t thank you enough!” Byron

“We came in regarding a judgment on my boyfriend’s credit and an order for garnishment. We weren’t sure what to do-I found this firm on yelp and saw good reviews which made me confident I had made the right choice! From the minute we came, Mr. Mashney was nothing but helpful.  He answered all of our questions and concerns and made sure what we were getting into.  He has flexible payment arrangements for those who need it as well which is helpful.  Thanks to him, we have more peace of mind that we made the right choice is filing Bk and we are glad he’s here to help us through the process.  Would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you for taking care of us!!” Serennaa

“The Mashney Law Office, did an excellent job with my case. Their team (specially Sherie) were extremely helpful, they answered all my questions & concerns. Which made the process easy. Will definitely recommend.” April

“Stephen and Sherie have helped me on multiple occasions with my minor legal issues. I’m grateful for their assistance.” Snehal

“Picking a lawyer to represent you is extremely difficult. Fortunately for me, I was referred to Mashney Law Offices by a previous costumer of theirs. At first, being as particular as I usually am, I had my guard up with everything – making sure I picked the right law office to represent me, but soon enough I realized not to worry at all. They were extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire case. No matter what time I called them, they were there to answer my questions and any concerns I may have had. They’ve been completely clear with everything, prepared me for everything and the best part of it all is that I did not need to deal with the other attorney once so ever throughout the entire case. The results were outstanding ESPECIALLY with the circumstances that were given to us. Stephen Mashney understands law better than any lawyer I’ve ever dealt with. He thinks of every scenario before providing the options, leaving us with no surprises. If you are looking for a good lawyer to represent you, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed picking this place.” Nezar

“Sam (Stephen) knows immigration laws, and the staff are very helpful and resourceful. I got a great value for the service, at a very reasonable fee – Mashney helped me submit my immigration form. The process was very smooth and went without a hitch (Thank you Mashney Law). Sam was very meticulous and payed attention to every detail, he’s very friendly and honest and he knows his stuff. I liked how he eased my concerns and focused on the specifics relative to the laws and how they applied to me. Sam was recommended to me by a friend of mine, and I, in return, highly recommend Mashney Law to all of you.” Andre

“Good business, very satisfied, they always call and update you with concerns from your Case, very professional and honest” Cidney

“I was a student in need, and Stephen resolved my problem. I was so concerned with the cost because I didn’t have any money. Out of the goodness of his heart, he didn’t charge me and even bought me lunch!
Great guy and I TRUST Mashney Law Offices.” Emmanuel

“In the few times I have needed legal advice, the team here has gone through lengths to help me out and providing me with a full picture of the issue at hand. They have saved me money by advising me against certain actions, referred me to to the professionals when the scope of my issue changed, and always made sure they have my best interest in line and not just after a quick dollar.” Adam

“I have to say they are amazing.  Extremely professional and helpful. I have always seen lawyers as people just out to get you for money, well this place showed me a lesson. They didn’t just do their job they went up and above the call of duty. They gave me peace of mind. They took care of all my troubles. I highly recommend them to anyone needing any type of legal advice. They actually care.” Araceli

“Mashney law firm has been handling all my business legal matters since 1999.  They set up my corporations, review my leases, and write up my contracts.  They offer such diverse services.  When my wife got in a car accident last year, we were so happy with the services we received.  They helped us with car rental, immediate medical attention for my wife. We also got paid higher than the high blue book value for our car.  I highly recommend Mashney law office for any personal or business issues.” Sam

“I have used the services of Mr. Mashney for immigration matters for at least 5 years now, and had the pleasure to recommend him to others. Mr. Mashney is very knowledgable, and his staff Ms. Orozco is most helpful. On one occasion when a relative anticipated a problem at LAX, I called Mr. Mashney after hours, and he was more than willing to be on stand by in case his services were needed. I highly recommend him.” Phil

“Mr. Mashney is the best! Definitely recommend him to anyone in need of legal help. He’s very honest and truly cares about his clients.” Jasmina

“I don’t know where to start. Mr. Sami has been my Attorny for years. He is loyal, intelligent and wonderful in every aspect. He helped me and my family with our immigration status and kept his words on what he promised us. As long as he’s in business I will always come back to him. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family. I’m grateful to him in every way.” Fadi

“Highly recommended office!  Professional, lighting quick to reply, will go into battles for you. Definitely somebody you want to have on your side when issues and needs arise. Sami (Mr. Mashey) helped on numerous occasions with several different issues, as well as few my clients that I recommended him to. One of those perfect offices — not too big, not too small. Use their services with confidence, they will take good care of you!” Steve